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Packaging mockup for the Deadly Brows brand

We combine dark aesthetics with strategic thinking to create brands that truly resonate - with your clients, and with you.

I know: you don’t fit in the cookie-cutter look of your industry and you’re dying to get some PROPER branding, but feel like a regular designer is just... not gonna get you

The bad news is you’re probably right...
The good news? You’ve found us.

Frame with feet in boots, phrase on toes: "What the hell"The picture shows Virginia reading a book

How we can help your business grow

All our services are done-for-you so you can spend your time growing your business, while your brand is taken care of by people who care about it to an *unhealthy degree*.

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Peep the kind of work we create

Deadly Brows

Velvet Myst

Nikki St Crowe

Art House Collective

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Black and white portrait photo of Virginia holding a book and looking into the frameBlack and white portrait photo of Virginia holding a book and looking into the frameBlack and white portrait photo of Virginia holding a book and looking into the frame

Who will guide you through this process

“raises hand” I will!

I’m Virginia, the founder and lead designer of Tarantula Studio, and I know branding can be DAUNTING. You have crazy big ideas, and there are just SO many moving parts you don’t even know where to start... but that’s why I’m here.

Bring your story and I’ll do the rest. Deal?


P.S. The serious face is just because I was nervous during the photoshoot. I promise I’m actually super friendly :)

What peeps like you had to say about working with us


Brand: MysticNFireCrafts

"The entire aesthetic and vibe I wanted was completely understood and designed better than I could have imagined. @tarantula.studio is kind and knowledgeable and definitely knows her craft."


Brand: Conjuring Obscurity

"We were on the same page about everything.
It was like you* could see what I wanted even though I had no idea. You took my often scattered thoughts and ideas, laser-focused on the core of my designs/brand, and created something beautiful."

Deadly Brows style packaging


Brand: Deadly Brows

"I was nervous in the beginning because I only had a general direction in which I wanted to take my brand but the details were muddy so I knew whoever I chose to create this brand had to be someone I trusted.
In the end my brand was a literal dream! I never thought what small vision I had could turn into something so incredibly beautiful.


Brand: Julian the 2nd

"Tarantula Studio was great to work with, so professional and really were able to nail down the ethos of my work. It was such a professional experience and honestly so refreshing from other graphic artists I’ve worked with in the past. I plan on coming to them again with other projects. Truly a luxury experience."

Velvet Myst brand logo


Brand: Velvet Myst

"Working with Tarantula Studio and better defining my brand identity was the best decision I made for my cosmetic tattoo studio. Everything is very professional and creative, which stands out from what is usually done and that everyone has. I can’t wait to continue our collaboration for my website!"

Christine Kipka


"I am more than pleased to have found a designer who understands all the facets of dark aesthetics and holds the highest standards regarding design and quality. Her thoughtfulness about even our small project completely amazed me. I adore her patience and clear communication. I definitely found the best designer for my dark luxury brand."

Shannon Lieder

Brand: Oh the Horror!

"She listened to what I had in mind and went above and beyond my expectations!

She really helped me shape the image I wanted for my business. She was very professional and was a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Virginia’s talents enough!"

Mandy Boyd

Brand: The Floral Mortician

"I chose Tarantula Studio as they specialize in a dark aesthetic which is what I was hoping for to elevate my brand. I was looking for a designer that could take my vague ideas and turn them into something both beautiful and unique. Not only did they deliver but also presented the designs in a beautiful way. It's so helpful to get an explanation into the design process and how it gets tied back to the target audience."

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It's hiiigh time you ditched those endless hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspo and started rockin' the brand you truly deserve, don't you agree?

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A portrait of Virginia wearing glasses and looking upA portrait of Virginia wearing glasses and looking upA portrait of Virginia wearing glasses and looking upA portrait of Virginia wearing glasses and looking up