Let me guess...
you spent the whole of 2023 taking care of other people and didn't stop to care of YOUR brand, which is at the center of everything
you struggled to create content, market your services, and speak to your audience because you have no brand clarity AT ALL
you saved a bible worth of branding resources during the year, but still feel lost when it comes to applying any of it to YOUR brand
if we're being honest, you don't really have the time to dig through all of it and figure it out either
you have big goals for 2024 though, and know that to get there, you're gonna have to step up you branding
What if... you could eliminate all these insecurities so you can walk into this year finally feeling CONFIDENT in your brand?
This is exactly what the Metamorposis program aims to do for you.
And we'll do it by tackling the two key areas you're struggling with over and over:
The best part?
Metamorphosis is NOT gonna be some AI-written ebook or course that is gonna sit untouched on your files. I know you don't have time to DIY.
We're talking done-for-you, ~can't-even-believe-your-eyes~ level transformation that will make you wanna introduce yourself to your audience again (and we might actually help you with that too... but enough spoilers!)
Now the bad news:
This program will be available for a limited time and have limited spots (because as much as we want everyone to have an amazing brand this year, we are a small studio who prioritizes quality!)
We've never done a program like this before, and might not do it again, so your chance to transform your brand for this year is NOW.
If you got this far it means your brain is going "hey we need to do this!"
So I'll let you in
on another spoiler:
This program will go live on January 22, but we're actually gonna give our email list early access to it so they can guarantee a spot. They will not only know the details first, but also have access to the secret program page before everyone else, PLUS a discount.
And remember I said we have a limited capacity? Well, if all spots get filled during this early access day, we won't even run the regular launch.
It really is unfair, tbh. So to stop feeling like an evil monster and get back to my usual ~benelovent Brand Fairy Godmother~ state, I wanna give you the chance to join our email list right now and also get all these benefits!
Join our wailist
to have early access + a special offer, a walk into this year with a memorable brand so badass you won't believe it's yours
Whoooo you're in!
Stay tuned for the Early Bird special offer on the 19th, when you'll have the chance to join the program with a big discount

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