You know those
“disappear for a month
and come back
‍unrecognizable” ads?

Think that, but for your brand


This program is perfect for you if

You’ve tried podcasts, courses, tutorials... but still feel lost when it comes to implementing brand strategy on your own brand and would love 1:1 help

You’re always busy and prefer a program where we get things OFF your plate, rather than give you a list of classes to watch and tasks to do (that you probably never will)

You don't fit the cookie cutter mold of your industry. You want a brand that is as unique as you, and you need a designer who GETS YOU so they can understand your vision and make it *real*


If you’ve been wanting to work on your brand ALL YEAR in 2023, but things kept getting in the way...


So what exactly is this program?

Metamorphosis is a done-with-you program focused on preparing your brand to start 2024 with the right foot. It’s gonna help you by tackling the two parts of branding I see small businesses struggling with the most:

The program is
divided in 3 phases

to take you from lost in your biz to clear vision and ready-to-implement brand:

This is when you’ll gain clarity on your audience, positioning, and personality with a 1-hour strategy workshop where we’ll turn these muddy waters crystal clear.

Just me and you organizing your chaos into something beautiful.

After the workshop you’ll receive a PDF with the juiciest information and insights so you can refer to it when creating content, marketing, copy for your website, planning new offers... so everything is aligned with your brand strategy

This is when you’ll step into your next phase as a business with a professional brand identity system fully tailored to YOU.
That includes logos, color palette, textures, typography pairing, photography direction, custom preset... we do it all for you.

You have a big vision for this year so we’ll design you a brand that can take you there

This is when we’ll reintroduce your brand to the world (trust me, after this, you’ll want to) with a lil special help from your Branding Fairy Godmother.

I’m gonna design a beautiful instagram carousel for you, presenting your brand and including your audience in the transformation.

We’ll also get on a call to wrap up the whole experience and discuss what’s next for you.

What people say about our method

We were on the same page about everything.It was like you* could see what I wanted even though I had no idea. You took my often scattered thoughts and ideas, laser-focused on the core of my designs/brand, and created something beautiful.

Ellen - Conjuring Obscurity

Working with Tarantula Studio and better defining my brand identity was the best decision I made for my cosmetic tattoo studio. Everything is very professional and creative, which stands out from what is usually done and that everyone has. I can’t wait to continue our collaboration!

Lex - Velvet Myst

The entire aesthetic and vibe I wanted was completely understood and designed better than I could have imagined. is kind and knowledgeable and definitely knows her craft.

Jes - MysticNFireCrafts

I was nervous in the beginning because I only had a general direction in which I wanted to take my brand so I knew whoever I chose to create this brand had to be someone I trusted. In the end my brand was a literal dream! I never thought what small vision I had could turn into something so incredibly beautiful.

Andrea - Deadly Brows

I am more than pleased to have found a designer who understands all the facets of dark aesthetics and holds the highest standards regarding design and quality. Her thoughtfulness about even our small project completely amazed me. I definitely found the best designer for my dark luxury brand.

Christine Kipka - Kipkalinka

I’m ready.
‍How do we do this?

If this sounds like EXACTLY what you need, all you have to do is hop on a call with me to discuss the details and decide on a comfortable starting date for you.

If you’re interested in customizing your experience by adding extra services, or want my opinion on what would be the best investment, we’ll talk about that as well.

Does that sound good?

IT DOES!!! LET's Do this

What's so great about this program

It's not a course

*pop the party popper* cause we both know you don’t have time for a course.

Instead, this will be about 10% done-with-you and 90% done-FOR-you, so you can focus on your biz while I take care of your brand

The payment plan

The program costs $4.5k, and we can break down the price into 4 monthly installments of $1125

You can
customize it

Yes, we’re bringing our tailored approach over to the program as well.
Which means you can add extras to your Metamorphosis experience: website design, print design, merch... anything that will support your vision! (priced individually- we’ll talk about it on the call)

If you book your call before the countdown ends, you’ll be able to join Metamorphosis with the Early Bird pricing of $4k

Once this page goes public on Monday, the price goes up to $4500

Also, this program will only be available until all spots are full or I start fearing for my sleeping schedule, so if you wanna join us, book your call asap!


Still have questions?

DM me on Instagram and let's talk about it